Troubled Raven is inspired by the stories along the Northwest Coast about a trickster. The one who is always causing trouble, or looking for a way to satisfy some sort of hunger, or selfishness ... but the result is often that Raven transforms the self, changing from greedy or needy to the provider. This company is rooted in culture and expression. This company is named after the infamous partner, because much like that trickster, there may seem like there is no overall purpose, just a series of visions and attempts to create harmonies in visual and audio forms.
In reality, the primary reason for these expressions and the work done here is to crerate real change. This is a world where people and cultures are dying. This is a time when we can make decisions that change the course of the world, and maybe a sound can help, a line can create a distraction and consciousness can prevail.
As an artist, I try to keep myself in a state of improvement. Below are some buttons to push to experience a little bit more of what goes on around here. Troubled Raven creates art, writing, music, and works on Tlingit language materials. Gunalchéesh!